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YGNG Studio is an interior design studio that specializes in creating entire spaces that convey the person who is experiencing them. Our goal as designers is to make the space convey to a person who lives in a sense and atmosphere that makes it unique. Each space is a work in itself in which we are the creators who bring dreams and desires to fruition. For us, designing is creating an experience that inspires the senses by creating a total design atmosphere for a person entering space. From space planning, textures to materials, to colorful harmony, smell and sound. Our concept for work is - atmosphere - all our passion we put into working with our customers. We both come from different worlds that we incorporate in our design. Our design language is very eclectic, mixing different cultures and experiences we have experienced around the world. We believe that when a person is in the right place for him, fulfills his true purpose, and enjoys what he does he does not feel that he is 'working'. We enjoy every moment and it is important to us that our customers also enjoy the process throughout. We are thrilled to have the right to make a person his space and we would love for this person to be you!



Design and aesthetics are a part of me since I can remember, it is an inseparable part of my perception and my outlook. It moves and excites me every time again. I bring with me a rich and versatile toolbox with the ability to connect, contain and create empathy. I have a deep need to create an inner balance and harmony that is projected out into my design. I have no other way but to concentrate on planning and shaping beauty.

Beautiful things and special houses lit my passion and moved me since I can remember my self. All my life I've been dealing with art. I'm a designer and a painter. In my art I treat color as an emotion and as something that affects the space. When I design a space, I bring everything I have taken from all worlds and pour it into my design. "I sing in colors' is the name of my first exhibition and that's what I'm trying to pass in my design. The emotion that my music touches in people and the feelings that the painting passes the person standing in front of it.



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